The most tragic game ever A fire broke out in the office of the game’s developer Stalker 2!

The process of developing Stalker 2 continues to encounter problems. This time there was a fire that was reported in the development team's office.

We have many games within the gaming world which are developed with pain however Stalker 2 is really another issue. The process of development that was halted in the beginning because of being a victim of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and has been hampered due to a recent incident.

The fire broke out in the Stalker 2 offices creator GSC Game World

The first floor in the Stalker 2 development office was damaged in an explosion on Thursday, according to a post on Twitter by the famous game reporter HazzadorGamin. While nobody was injured by the fire and the damage is not known, repairs could cost as much as $70,000.

The report states that the fire took place close to the backup servers of the game However, it’s unclear whether any information was lost. The game’s creators posted in the game’s Discord channel, saying “That’s correct, it was an incident of fire. “Fortunately there were there were no office workers or employees who were injured in the incident.”

Then he said: “No anomaly, not even an “Burner” (a allusion towards”the” Stalker universe) is able to hinder us from reaching what we want to achieve. We’ve faced more difficult situations that this in the past. We’ve gotten over it.”

The release date of the game remains unclear since Russia attacked Ukraine in February of last year. At the time GSC Game World was located in Kiev however, it has since been moved into within the Czech Republic.

However there were a few employees who weren’t capable of leaving Ukraine however, some developers remained working on the game in the country that was devastated by war, in which they lived upside-down.

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Others GSC Game World employees have been involved in volunteer work in Ukraine or with the country’s military forces. These include several employees in a report published in June of last year that revealed how war an impact on the team and their work.

It was recently announced the release date of Stalker 2 will be released in the first quarter of 2024. It’s not known how the fire in the office could affect when the games will be released. We are hoping to continue to play this game without difficulties.

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