We’ve revealed who the men in the main menu of Counter-Strike 1.6 Realistically

When we were children when we clicked the icon for CS 1.6 on our computers it was always to the picture of the two legendary players of The Special Team. Of course, it's impossible to play for that long without wondering about it.

The Counter-Strike series has established its own place within the FPS community by releasing Global Offensive for the last 10 years. It appears that he’ll give the reigns to CS2. The reason CS remains in the position it is in is version 1.6 of Counter-Strike which as you may imagine, takes FPS gaming to a new dimension across the globe.

Who exactly are the characters on the main menu in Counter-Strike 1.6?Drawings of characters or photos from real life people?

The first Version of the game launched in the year 1999 this picture was not present, and in the main menu , there was a picture of an attacker took an academic hostage. After the release of the Counter-Strike 1.6 Version in the year 2003, designer for the game Minh Le, wanted to alter the image.

Instead of seeking help from an artist or a photography studio to accomplish this He preferred assistance from two of his co-workers at Valve. The two guys that appear in the main menu of the game CS 1.6 are actually the friends of the game’s creators, Minh Le and Jess Cliffe.

A couple of males in the picture appears to be Dave Riller in the front and John Guthrie in the back.

The two are, as we mentioned are close acquaintances of Minh Le, one of the main creators of CS however, the friendship isn’t just a matter of that. The two of them who are huge supporters of Counter-Strike did not just become followers, but also worked on the game’s design for episodes.

It was the question “Who are these people?” was asked to Minh Le herself on Twitter around 5 months ago. He was honest in answering this question that has been the topic of speculation by players for a long time:

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“-If that’s okay, I have a question regarding the CS 1.0-1.6 menu screen. Are the characters in the photo real or were they drawn? If they’re real, do you remember who they are?

+Oh yes, they were real people. They were employees of Valve. They were big fans of CS and they were episode designers. They are very good kids. John Guthrie and Dave Riller.”

In the next phase of Q&A, Minh Le is asked if the special team crests on arms of the people depicted in the image are part of the special forces of the real world:

Answer “No it’s not true, they’re not a part of the real world. to any real-time organization”. These arm crests are fake logo designed by a concept artist who works at Valve which is why they aren’t a reflection of a real anti-terrorist organization.

Another question asked of Minh Le: Why is the music that was in the menu in CS 1.6 is no longer available?

This question and answer gives us a pleasant trip back in time. Anyone playing CS 1.6 will remember when it was released, and while we were looking at these two characters on the menu we could hear music in the background. The music was above. However, it isn’t playing any music once installing it.

When asked the question, Minh Le, who initially did not recall but later remembered the moment when the music started playing and listened, responded in the following manner:

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“This music was made by an employee outside of Valve because it was developed by other studios like CS: Condition Zero Gearbox and Turtle Rock.”

The reason we don’t hear the music in CS 1.6 currently is likely due to the failure story in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. If you’d like to hear the story of CS:CZ’s tragic failure Don’t forget to include it in the comments.

It is not an exaggeration to claim that the two developers Dave Riller and John Guthrie have played a significant contribution to the success of CS from the beginning up to the present. They have themselves become among the more well-known people that gamers know. It’s really pleasing to show such gestures to creators.

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