AMD Radeon Pro W7900 as well as Pro 7800 are announced to offer more performance at half the cost of the competitors!

Rumors about the future of cards designed for professional use from AMD have been floating around for quite a while. Today, AMD has announced its Radeon Pro W7900 and Pro 7800 graphics cards.

AMD has announced the Radeon ProW7900 and the Pro W7800. These are the first graphics cards for workstations based upon RDNA 3 graphics processors. AMD Radeon Pro W7900 and Radeon Pro W7800 graphics cards are expected to be the first components for workstations that come with an Navi 31 “RDNA 3” GPU and will distinguish themselves from competitors with their pricing.

First workstation cards that have chiplet designs


Workstations that have been introduced offer superior performance for the money compared to the competition and are more suited for creating content, rendering and more. as compared to previous generations. According to the company, it significantly speeds up the work that are required in workstations like according to AMD the improvements are significant due to RDNA 3.

The latest processing units offer about 50 percent more ray-tracing performance per processor than the previous generation by distributing resources between processes, AI and ray tracing to make the most out of every transistor. AMD RDNA 3 is the AMD RDNA 3 architecture also incorporates optimizations for AEC, D&M, and M&E workflows for video editing, rendering and multitasking.

The first workstation GPUs that feature chiplet technology, the Radeon Pro W7900 as well as Radeon Pro W7800s, AI instructions and an increased AI throughput give over 2x the performance of previous AMD RDNA 2 architecture. The 48GB GDDR6 memory DisplayPort 2.1 along with AV1 encode/decode is amongst the highlights of this series.

AMD Radeon Pro W7900 specifications

The most powerful AMD Radeon Pro W7900 sports an entire Navi 31 XTX GPU with 96 Compute Units and 6144 stream processors. The GPU comes with 48GB GDDR6 memory, running on 384-bit bus connections and delivering 864GB/s of bandwidth. Although the card is equipped with an TDP at 295W, the card can deliver 61.3 TFLOPs performance when used in one-to-one precision (FP32) applications. There are three DisplayPort 2.1 and one Mini DisplayPort 2.1 output on the card.

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AMD Radeon Pro W7800 specifications

The AMD Radeon Pro W7800 is an aesthetically trimmed Navi 31 XT GPU that has 70 Compute Units and 4480 stream processors. The GPU is paired by 32GB GDDR6 memory, running on the bus interface 256-bit and delivering a maximum bandwidth of 576GB/s. The TDP of the card is 260W, FP32 performance is at 45.2 TFLOPs. There are three DisplayPort 2.1 and one Mini DisplayPort 2.1 output on this card.

Radeon Pro W7900 and Pro W7800 price

With regards to pricing the AMD Radeon Pro W7900 costs less than half the cost of Nvidia’s top graphics card for workstations, the RTX 6000 Ada price of $3999. The Radeon ProW7800 stands out by its price of 2499. AMD will release both cards in the second quarter of 2023.

Better performance for only a fraction of the cost

Performance-wise, if we consider the price, it is possible to say that the W7900 and W7800 surpass their competition in terms of performance. The SPECviewperf test shows that this Pro W7900 offers almost the identical performance of it is the RTX 6000 Ada, which is twice as costly and draws more power, in fact, it is more powerful than its more costly RTX A6000. The Pro W7800 is a notch ahead of the RTX A6000 that is also twice as costly, however I’d like to point out that the memory capacity in this case is less than AMD.

The difference is wide in the context of Autodesk 3DS MAX’s performance. Each of the Radeon Pro W7900 and W7800 are able to beat their competition in the tests. It is evident that Radeon Pro W7800 is superior to the Radeon RTX 6600 Ada that is 3.5 times more expensive than it is and proves that AMD has done a fantastic job.

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