Atari comes back with a new look: the old console is back!

The famous Atari console is back on the shelves following 46 years. The console, known with the name Atari 2600 Plus, comes with HDMI support.

Atari the famous firm in the world of games is famous for reviving its consoles of the past and offering them for sale in the past few times. The last console that was renewed is the Atari 2600, which debuted in 1977. The game console that was released in 1977 will be available in the form of an Atari 2600 Plus.

Atari 2600 Plus goes on sale, accompanied by legendary games and a controller

Atari has unveiled its Atari 2600 Plus which is the contemporary model of its Atari 2600 console that was first introduced in 1977. The brand new Atari 2600+ will be launched worldwide on the 17th of November and will go on sale beginning at $130.

It is the Atari 2600 is a console that was the first console to introduce playing at home in latter part of the 1970s and into the in the early 1980s. The updated version is, however will keep the original design while remaining in line with the features of the Atari 2600.

The new console can use Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 games. In order to play these games it will have an floppy slot as on the first console. The floppy disk will feature iconic games like Adventure, Combat, Missile Command and Haunted House.

In terms of features technical One shouldn’t expect anything too great from this model. Atari 2600 Plus. The console, equipped with the Rockchip 3128 processor, will come with an 256MB RAM. Most importantly, it will come with HDMI to ensure seamless compatibility with the monitor or television. It will also have widescreen support to enhance the visuals.

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It’s important to know it is that Atari 2600+ retains the iconic four-way controller, as well as the traditional ports. It is however, Atari will also offer additional controllers for games such as Pong as well as Breakout. Let’s suppose that the console will cost $130.

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