Resident Evil 4 Remake Sales Over 4 Million

Hit a new record within its second week

Resident Evil 4 Remake has been a great debut. it earned high scores on reviews as well as enthusiastic feedback from fans of the game and surpassed a significant sales figure of 3 million within the first two days. It’s evident that it’s continued to show success throughout the time.

In a post on its website, Capcom announced that the revenues of RE4 Remake surpassed 4 million. The game came out on March 24 , and it was announced that the total sales were at 3 million by the 26th of March. It seems that he did 1 million more sales over the subsequent 12 days.

In the article it’s said that the game has been sold for 135 million in total over the period of 27 years starting with the debut game in 1996 until the present and players of the series are also acknowledged.

It was also pointed out to mention that The Mercenaries mode was added to the game on April 7th. Naturally, Capcom hopes that this mod will boost sales for the game.

In one way or another It is evident that RE4 Remake is going to continue to draw attention. There’s no doubt that this figure will be constantly regularly updated over the next few weeks. Let’s find out how it will be able to rank among the most popular games in the series.

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