The Astrophotography mode was added to the Galaxy S21 series

The Galaxy S21 series, introduced by Samsung in 2021, is still receiving updates. In the latest update released by Samsung the devices received astrophotography support.

Setting a new standard for the Android world with its updates assistance, Samsung continues to add new features to its older generation phones. Galaxy S21, the beloved series from 2021, received an awaited feature thanks to Samsung’s latest update.

Expert RAW application is required

The latest update that was released by Samsung on behalf of Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series brings astrophotography support to the Expert RAW application. Additionally, the update, which adds improvements to the camera as well as gallery apps has a size of 1GB and also includes the security patch for April 2023.

With the astrophotography feature, users can create detailed photographs of the sky using an exposure time of just 10 minutes. The ability to capture thousands of stars and spirals from the Milky Way Galaxy in suitable conditions, this feature was a long-awaited feature to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series. If you own the Galaxy S21 who wants to try this modification then you must upgrade your device and install the Expert RAW app.

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