TSMC is now ready for production of 2nm. what do they have to provide?

TSMC is one of the leading chipmakers, released information about the development of 2nm technology, as well as the upcoming 3nm node. The mass production of the 2nm technology begins in 2025. Here are the specifics

The battle for chip manufacturing that is in high demand throughout the world is beginning to heat up. In this regard, TSMC, Intel and Samsung as the most prominent manufacturers in the sector, have shifted their attention to 3nm and 2nm technology. Today among these names, TSMC released new details about advancements in 2nm technology as well as the 3nm node in the conference on Wednesday.

Date of 2nm production

In the ceremony, TSMC declared the fact that “a great progress has been made in terms of both efficiency and device performance” with 2nm technology, and that it will begin production in 2025, as scheduled. According to TSMC 2nm technology, it can offer a 15 percent increase in density when compared to N3E, which is up to 15 percent speed improvement with the same power and as much as thirty percent of efficiency.

In terms of the technology of 3nm TSMC states that their new chip is being produced in large quantities and that the upgraded version of N3E will be available for high-volume production by the second quarter of 2023. In the meantime, Apple, one of the biggest customers of TSMC will be switching to 3nm for the Apple A17 Bionic within the forthcoming iPhone 15 Pro family.

In the wake of N3E The chip giant will keep working to increase the transistor density of the family and release the new N3P node. The deadline for N3P is the second quarter of 2024. The N3X was specifically designed intended for use in High-Performance Computing (HPC) application, is expected to be available for mass production by 2025.

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As you know, chip manufacturers such as Nvidia, Qualcomm and MediaTek are focused on artificial intelligence-supported automotive technologies today. In the moment, TSMC says that N3AE or “Auto Early” N3E-based automotive process design kits (PDK) are expected to be available in 2023.

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